Meet #omgkrk Team And Members

The Foundation Supporting #omgkrk starts the year with a simple but valueable event where you can meet the people behind the hashtag.

Think of it as an Open House of sorts.

There is a lean #OMGKRK team working to adavnce the mission of building a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow. Now, a growing number of organizations in the community buying into and supporting this mission.

This event is an opportunity to meet and netowrk with each other.

This event is your opportunity to:

1. Meet the #OMGKRK Team: Paul Kulon + Zuzanna Stadnik

2. Meet #OMGKRK Community Members: https://www.omgkrk.com/members/

3. Learn About Community Membership:

4. Introduce Yourself!


6:00pm: Summary of Q1 at the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK by #OMGKRK Team

6:15pm: The Value of Membership: 2 Case Studies

6:30pm: Intro From #OMGKRK Community Members

6:45pm: Networking

7:00pm: Finish