Codevening – good evening with coding

Akademia 108 would like to invite you to the next edition of this event. This is an amazing social and technological meeting that will help you find.

Already at the beginning of November we are starting with our BASIC course: Front – End Developer. We want to show you above all to infect you with the passion that programming is for us. If you are wondering how to change education in this topic, you have changed your life by one hundred and eighty degrees and share with us the same interests you must necessarily get to know each other!

During the workshops we will show you how to communicate with HTML and CSS and present how the site can become dynamic using JavaScript.

If you want to spend your time creative surrounded by cool and positive people then you have nothing to wait for! Everything you need for your computer, text editor (http://brackets.io/) and a smile on your face. Admission is free, the number of places is limited.

For what? Will you see?